Blog Book Tour This Week

After my recent three-week blog book tour, I decided I would make shorter tours in the future. This week, I’m taking a short tour with four stops. I hope you will visit the host blogs and comment. It’s a lot of work for a blogger to host a blog book tour stop, and I want … Read more

New Review for Dream or Destiny

Dream or Destiny has been reviewed through Nothing Binding’s book review program. You can read the complete review at Nothing Binding, but here is a snippet: Lillie Ammann has written a fantastic book that really reaches out to you and pulls you in. I felt like the main characters were great friends of mine, and … Read more

Guest Post at Straight from Hel: How Things Change

Helen Ginger is hosting me at Straight from Hel again today with my guest post: How Things Change—Editing a Manuscript Ten Years Later. Helen read the manuscript before it was published and gave me some valuable suggestions. In my post, I talk about some of the changes I had to make in the story because of … Read more

A Twisted Tale of Cover Art at The Dark Phantom Review

The cover art for Dream or Destiny is the topic for today’s blog book tour stop at The Dark Phantom Review. Mayra Calvani is hosting my guest post: A Twisted Tale of Cover Art. If you’ve read the book or even the free excerpt, you know this cover is perfect for the story. But it … Read more