Podcast at Bluestocking Guide

On my blog book tour for Dream or Destiny, The Bluestocking Guide interviewed me on a podcast. The interview is posted again on The Bluestocking Guide for Domestic Violence Month. Bluestocking was a domestic violence victims’ advocate, and we had a fascinating discussion about the subject. Bluestocking said that David’s psychological reactions in Dream or Destiny were very accurate … Read more

Podcast Interview at The Bluestocking Guide

I’m back at The Bluestocking Guide again for the next stop on my blog book tour. Brooke aka Bluestocking interviewed me for a podcast. She is an attorney and domestic violence victims’ advocate so the interview is focused on domestic violence in general and domestic violence in Dream or Destiny in particular. As I said … Read more

Blog Tour Stop at The Bluestocking Guide

Today’s blog book tour stop is at The Bluestocking Guide. Bluestocking describes her blog as “reviews by a partial, prejudiced, and ignorant reader.” Though she has strong opinions, she’s fair and very intelligent. She has an interesting and unique rating system for books, and I’m thrilled that she gave Dream or Destiny an “L” for … Read more