Thanks to August Commenters

August brought more comments from fewer commenters than July: more than 400 comments from 100 commenters. I appreciate each and every comment, though I prefer to respond to people rather than keywords as I explained in my last post about comments. Thanks to these great folks who visited and commented in August! Top Contributor (24 … Read more

July Thanks to Commenters

The first time I recognized my commenters, I thanked commenters for the entire year of 2007. That was such a long list and such a long time for commenters to wait for thanks, I recognized commenters in the first and second quarters this year. Now the numbers have increased so much I’m going to thank commenters … Read more

Thank You for Your Comments

The second quarter of the year brought almost 300 comments from 192 commenters – about the same number of comments from more commenters than the first quarter of the year. The number of comments continues to amaze me since this blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic. The comments have encouraged and educated my readers and … Read more

Thanks for Your Comments

In January, I thanked commenters for the entire year of 2007 at once. I decided I wouldn’t wait that long again – creating that list took a lot more time and effort than I anticipated. In January, I started keeping track of comments as I replied to them, so this list for the first quarter … Read more

Beginning the Year with Thanks

I’m not sure whether to thank or blame Lisa Gates at Design Your Writing Life for A Gratitude “MeMe” for “YouYou.” On one hand, this post has taken more time and effort to compile than any other single post I’ve ever written. Lisa said it would be a challenge to do it manually, but I … Read more

Comments and New Plugins

If you’ve made a comment here recently, you’ve probably noticed a couple of new plugins. Live Comment Preview does exactly what the name implies – it gives a live preview as you type your comment. Most of us find it much easier to spot a mistake when a comment goes live than when we’re typing … Read more