Interview with The Barber-osopher: Terry L. Sumerlin

My guest today is Terry L. Sumerlin, author of Leadership: It Takes More Than a Great Haircut!Terry is a client, but I didn’t edit his book. You see, the book is a compilation of columns he’s written for the San Antonio Business Journal. The articles were all professionally edited at the time they were published, … Read more

Interview: Aggie Villanueva on The Rewritten Word

Just about a year ago, I reviewed Rightfully Mine and interviewed the author, Aggie Villanueva. Since I first discovered what a talented and active author, blogger, photographer, and much more she is, Aggie has gone on to many new accomplishments. Her latest book, The Rewritten Word: How to Sculpt Literary Art, No Matter the Genre, … Read more

Interview with Nancy Nicholson, LBSW

Today, we are talking to Nancy Nicholson, LBSW, about Help! What Do I Do Now? Caring for Your Loved One With Alzheimer’s. I’ve talked about the book before. First, let me say that I make no pretense of objectivity about this author and this book. Nancy is my baby sister, and I believe she’s just … Read more

Interview: Author Miriam Ruff

Welcome to Miriam Ruff, my guest today. I’ve known Miriam for several years. She was a member of the Editorial Board of Your Information Center when I was Editor-in-Chief. I was familiar with her excellent skills at editing nonfiction, but I hadn’t read any of her creative writing until I read The Shortest Distance, her … Read more

Interview with Donna Wright, Always Keepers Press

Updated: Always Keepers Press has gone out of business. My guest today is Donna Wright. She is the owner of Always Keepers Press, the new audiobook publishing company that just released Gayle Trent’s Between a Clutch and a Hard Place. Lillie: Thank you for visiting A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye today, Donna. First, let … Read more

Interview with Gayle Trent

My guest today is Gayle Trent. Her mystery novel Between a Clutch and a Hard Place has just been released In audio from Always Keepers Press. I shared the exciting news about this new audio publisher last week. Lillie: Thank you for visiting A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye today, Gayle. Tell us about Between … Read more

Interview with Aggie Villanueva

My guest today is Aggie Villanueva, author of Rightfully Mine (God’s Equal Rights Amendment), which I reviewed in my last post. I didn’t know Aggie when she contacted me to offer her book for review. Since that initial contact, however, it seems that I see her everywhere, and I’ve learned that she is a talented … Read more

Author Interview: Aundrea Hernandez

My guest today is Aundrea Hernandez. I met Aundrea through Patricia Eytcheson Taylor and Chaplain James Taylor. Aundrea did the illustrations for the book On the Wings of the Wind and created the cover for the book. I was so impressed that I have referred several of my clients to her for book covers. Aundrea created the … Read more