An Anniversary: How I Became a Full-Time Writer

Ten years ago, at the end of July 1996, I sold the interior landscape company I had owned and operated for nearly 20 years. Four years earlier I had a stroke as a result of a chiropractic manipulation. I’d always dreamed of writing “someday,” but it took that major wake-up call to realize “someday” is today! … Read more

The Bible Told Them So

At first glance, the subject of this post might not seem to have anything to do with writing. However, I believe the Holy Bible is the greatest book ever written. We can all aspire to that level of writing, but our human attempts will always be pitiful compared to the Word of God. Columnist Mike Adams has … Read more

Focus and Organization

I recently mentioned the variety of editing and writing work I do … and I love it. However, sometimes the number and variety of projects I’m juggling require organization and focus. In the first two days of this week, I’ve edited a board report for a community leader, finished up a church newsletter, created a magazine … Read more

A Great Review!

David Bowles has received a number of excellent reviews for his book Spring House: Book 1 in the Westward Sagas that I edited. You can find excerpts from the reviews on the Web site. Here’s a snippet from the latest: “A compelling story of love, family, community, war, struggle and history, ‘Spring House’ is much … Read more

Freelance Variety

One of the things I like best about being a freelance writer is the variety of projects that come across my desk (or more accurately … across my computer screen). These are a few of the assignments I’m working on now or have completed recently: – compiling a book that will be part autobiography and part … Read more

World eBook Fair

Project Gutenberg is a nonprofit organization that has provided free e-books on the Internet since 1971. This month, Project Gutenberg is sponsoring the World eBook Fair, bringing together several other e-book collections in addition to its own 20,000 titles. During the fair, more than 300,000 e-books are available in one place for free download. More than a … Read more

Let’s Say Thanks!

Here’s your chance to write a few words that make a difference in someone’s life … and all writers want to do that! Let’s Say Thanks will print and mail a postcard to a deployed soldier to thank them for their service. There is a choice of several patriotic designs, all created by children. Choose … Read more

Write What You Know or Know What You Write?

Professional —  and aspiring — writers often hear the advice, “Write what you know.” After all, an avid mystery reader is more likely to write a believable mystery novel than someone who reads only science-fiction, the resident of a small town in a Southern state will probably describe the lifestyle of Small Town, Southern US … Read more

Search Inside the Book

There is a lot of controversy about the Search Inside the Book programs by and Some publishers and authors are concerned that too much of the book’s content will be revealed to the public and cut into sales. I realize there are some kinds of books that probably aren’t well-suited to the book … Read more