Devotional Resources: Cradle of Prayer and the Prayer Book

Are you considering what type of personal devotions you will do in the coming year? I use two online resources that I highly recommend.

The Cradle of Prayer offers recorded Morning and Evening Prayer using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Just select the day and either Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer, and you will hear beautiful canticles sung and prayers and  Scriptures read.

To follow along with the service, visit Again, select the service—Morning or Evening Prayer—and read/sing along with the recording.

Some people think it’s strange that I use the Internet rather than printed material for my daily devotions. But for me, it is easier to read on the computer because I can increase the font size. And I enjoy hearing the songs and readings and participating rather than simply reading quietly.

Whether you prefer to read from a printed book or join in an online devotion, I encourage you spend time in personal devotion daily.

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