The Versatile Blog Award and the Liebster Blog Award

Thanks to Dominique at 4Walls and a View for nominating this blog for two awards. If you aren’t a regular reader of Dominique’s blog, I encourage you to stop by and read some of her excellent posts. She blogs about chronic illness, but she will inspire you to face and overcome whatever challenges you have in your own life.

You can read the full rules of the Versatile Blogger Award on the VBA website. Basically,the nominated blogger is to nominate fifteen excellent blogs that she reads regularly or has recently discovered and tell the blogger who nominated her seven things about herself.

Dominique (and anyone else interested) can read seven random things about me in an earlier post.

I am nominating the following fifteen bloggers, who are among my favorite regular reads, for the Versatile Blogger Award.

The Liebster Blog Award is named for a German word meaning dearest. The nominated blogger is to nominate five other excellent bloggers. So here are five more of my favorite blogs that I nominate for for the Liebster Blog Award.

Though I hope each of the bloggers I nominated with pass the award on to others, primarily I wanted to say “Thank you” to some of my favorite sources of information and entertainment and inspiration.

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