Writer’s Worth Day 2010

Lori Widmer at Words on the Page  is once again sponsoring Writer’s Worth Day, part of her ongoing campaign to help writers recognize and value their own worth.

Lori has written a series of posts this week about the subject, and her blog is consistently filled with advice and encouragement for writers to be paid what they’re worth.

I know there is a big interest in what writers and editors charge. “Freelance editing rates” is the most popular search term bringing readers to my blog.

Here are a few of the posts I’ve written  about writer’s worth and determining your freelance rates:

Bottom line: Writing and editing are worthy skills that provide value to clients, often helping them improve their own bottom line. Everyone providing those skills should be paid commensurate with the value of the services. Experienced writers should make more than beginners, but even beginners should make a decent income, certainly more than minimum wage and more than they could earn doing unskilled labor!

Happy Writer’s Worth Day! Celebrate your worth as a writer and accept jobs and payment that reflect your worth.

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