What I Learned from Limits

The topic of this month’s groupwrite project at Middle Zone Musings is What I Learned from … Limits.

The most significant limits I’ve faced in my life were the physical limitations that followed my stroke. As I described in National Stroke Awareness Month: My Stroke – The Next Three Days, there were many things I couldn’t do and few I could.

Faced with the possibility of never getting any better, I understood that the critical time was the next three days. If there was improvement during those crucial days, I would get better. If not, there might never be any improvement.

I vowed that I would improve in three days. You can read what I did and the results in the original post about the aftermath of the stroke.

From that experience, I learned:

  • I would rather focus on the possibility that I could get better than on the possibility that I could remain in the same terrible condition for the rest of my life.
  • Limits have power over me only as long as I grant them power.
  • Lots of prayer coupled with determination can bring about miracles.
  • Faith gives peace and confidence that no matter happens, I will be okay.
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