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The Author PlatformIn her recent guest post, Jennifer Mattern shared five ways to build a writer platform online. She gave an excellent overview, but many authors need more help. They know they need to start a blog and do more to build their platform, but they don’t know how.

The Author Platform provides the solution. Instead of stumbling around learning by guess and by gosh, authors can join The Author Platform and learn how to build their online platform.

The course consists of four modules: Blogs, Amazon, Social Media, and Publicity. Each module takes you through all the steps to maximize each tool.

Every author wants her book listed on, but what happens then? In far too many cases, the book sits there waiting to be discovered. With millions of titles in inventory, Amazon isn’t likely to put your latest novel on the home page. Yet there are many ways to promote your book on Amazon that most authors don’t know. You will know the tricks when you complete the Amazon module at The Author Platform. The other modules offer similar benefits.

With Silver Membership, you will learn how to launch a complete book promotion campaign in three months.

Gold Membership gives you full access to The Author Platform for 4 months plus the following: monthly Q&A calls with a coach, monthly teleseminars with Phil Davis, and The Self-Publishing in a Box kit.

Platinum Membership gives you everything in the Gold Membership, access to The Author Platform for a full twelve months, plus monthly one-on-one coaching, a 12-month virtual book marketing campaign, and blog site optimization services.

You can learn more from watching a couple of videos about The Author Platform.

If you’re not yet ready to promote a book because it’s not published yet, take a look at Self-Publishing in a Box. You might think I’m a little biased because Phil Davis’ interviews with me about my Self-Publishing Primer are included. Even if I am a little biased about my own contribution, it’s only a tiny part of the whole kit, which is packed with lots of valuable information.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of The Author Platform because I think it’s a valuable resource for writers. I plan to take the course myself, especially the social media module.

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