I got to vote for what I wantedIf you’re in the US and haven’t already voted, take the time to cast an informed, considered vote today. The right to vote is the most precious right we have, the right that guarantees all our other freedoms.

If you are a Christian, pray about your choices and vote your conscience. The people we choose for offices from President to local government will determine the way our country goes in the coming years. May we choose righteous leaders who will honor God and put the interests of the country above self-interest and the desire for power.

O GOD, by whom the meek are guided in judgment, and light riseth up in darkness for the godly; Grant us, in all our doubts and uncertainties, the grace to ask what thou wouldest have us to do as we cast our votes in this important election, that the Spirit of Wisdom may save us from all false choices, and that in thy light we may see light, and in thy straight path may not stumble; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

I’m grateful for the right to have my say in who leads our country, and I pray that voters will cast wise votes in accordance with God’s will.

I voted by mail, but my husband is heading for the polls tomorrow. He enjoys being in the midst of other people exercising their constitutional right to vote. If you’re voting in person, say a kind word to the poll workers. I served as an election judge for many elections, and it’s a difficult and thankless job—but one that’s absolutely essential in our democracy.  

Creative Commons License photo credit: kafka4prez

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