Life is a Piece of Cake

Have a bite of flour.


A little baking soda, then?


How about a raw egg?


A spoonful of cooking oil?


Maybe a little sugar? A nip of vanilla? A bit of chocolate?

Yeah, those sound good … but all by themselves?

The individual ingredients aren’t very appetizing, yet when they are mixed together and cooked in a hot oven, they come together to form a beautiful and mouth-watering cake.

Ahh … taste that sweet, rich flavor. The creamy smooth frosting, the moist goodness of the cake.

The individual ingredients of life often aren’t very appetizing, either. The yucky flour might be failure, the icky egg pain, the nasty cooking oil loss and grief. The sweetness of love, the tastiness of success, the flavor of joy are wonderful … but all by themselves?

Yet mixed together throughout a lifetime and cooked through heat and pressure, the failure, pain, and loss combine with the love, success, and joy to form a rich and lovely life.

Each of our lives is a piece of cake, and together are lives are a beautiful and mouth-watering cake.

This post is an entry What I Learned From … Metaphors for Life, this month’s group writing project and Middle Zone Musings.

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