Blog-to Show

Liz Strauss at Successful-Blog is generously giving all bloggers a chance to show off their blogs this weekend at the Blog-to Show.

So this weekend is a Successful-Blog Blog-to Show. It’s a Virtual Auto Show for Blogs. Detail your blog. Polish the trim and come show it off. We’ll line them up, look them over, and get to know each other and our blogs just that much better.

I don’t have time right now to detail or polish the trim on my blog, though that’s planned (and has been for some time). But I’m going to participate even if the chrome isn’t as shiny as it could be.

Liz suggested that we write a post linking to some of our most popular content to introduce visitors from the Blog-to Show to our blogs.

The three most popular posts recently were all Stumbled – something I’m learning can make the difference between a handful of page views and 8,000+ page views.

How to Write an Interview-Winning Resume

Remembering My Parents

Thank You for Your Comments

Two of the three posts with the most comments in the last six months were directly related to this blog I find it interesting that two different thank-you-to-commenters posts are among the most popular and the most commented.

Beginning the Year with Thanks

Two Years Old Already?

What I Learned from Mashing It Up

I listed some of my favorite posts from my first year of blogging in Double Whammy: Blast from the Past Meme and Carnival of Circular Communication. Those posts haven’t been read or commented on as much because my blog had fewer readers then that it does today, but they are still among my favorites a year later.

Most months feature a series of posts on a particular subject. The Series and Related Posts page lists all the series and many related posts. Visit that page to get a good taste of my blog.

And when you read the posts, be sure to read the comments as well. You’ll find great conversations filled with inspiration and information.

Thank you for visiting and thanks to Liz for the Blog-to Showcase.


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