What I Learned From … Mashing It Up

Robert Hruzek has given us a challenge in this month’s What I Learned From … group writing project. Instead of giving us one subject, he’s given us enough topics to cover a year and a half. So I’m mashing it up with 18 topics in this post.

I fell in love with both reading and writing when I was in high school. The teacher read my humorous story to the students and got real laughs from the children (okay, they were really teenagers, but they weren’t adults … so that should count as children). While other kids were watching television or going to the movies, my recreation was reading. The characters in books became my friends and my heroes. I didn’t need to travel in automobiles, trains, or planes. I could travel anywhere – to the beach, to the mountains, to the city or the country – even to outer space – just by opening a book. I could learn about technology, discover exotic food, and experience amazing adventures. When I was engrossed in a story, I lost track of time and ignored relatives and pets. The story became my world.

I learned that I loved the written word. I learned that words can entertain, inspire, and educate. I learned that I wanted my words to become a reader’s world.

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