2008 Blogging Goals? Plans, maybe …

Daily Blog Tips is running a group writing project: 2008 Blogging Goals. I debated about participating because, like Robert at Middle Zone Musings, I have neither the time nor the commitment to do what it takes to increase daily page views, subscribers, or other metrics on my blog.

My blog isn’t monetized, and, although I occasionally have someone contact me with a question about editing, I don’t recall ever getting any business through the blog. My goal has never been to make money. I’m afraid if I worked at it enough to earn an income or generate business from it, the blog would no longer be as much fun.

However, I do have plans for the coming year.

I intend to write one series each month to focus on a particular topic, as I’ve done several times in the past (see Series and Related Posts). I enjoy digging deeper into a single topic, and from the feedback I’ve got, at least some of my readers find the series helpful.

The January series will be on editing. Please leave a comment with questions you have or topics you would like to see covered. As I mentioned in my last post, conversations are a lot more fun than monologues. I don’t want to talk to myself, so let me know what you’d like to talk about – both specifics for the editing series and ideas for future series.

Beyond that, my goals are simply to continue to make friends, carry on conversations with them, and have fun!

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