What Do You Think of Weekly/Monthly Roundups, Themes, and Link Love Posts?

As I read blogs, I notice an increasing trend in certain kinds of posts.

Some blogs have a weekly or monthly roundup drawing attention to some of the posts on their blog. I look at the headline and click away from these posts. If the topic interested me, I read the post when it first appeared. If I didn’t read it then, I’m not going to read it now just because it’s listed in a roundup of posts. Of course, I realize new readers find blogs all the time, and these roundup posts might be helpful to them. What do you think about writing a post at the end of the week or the month linking to earlier posts on your own blog?

Other bloggers post roundups with links to posts on other blogs they found interesting. Lisa Gates at Design Your Writing Life and Liz Lewis at My year of getting published have recently linked to a post on this blog, and Matt Keegan at The Article Writer regularly publishes link love posts. I enjoy link posts that include a few links related to a particular subject, especially if there is information about why the link is worthwhile instead of just a list. I’m less apt to pay attention to a long list of links, especially if the links don’t seem to be related in any way.

Some bloggers make it point to thank everyone who commented on their blogs in the past month. Sharon Hurley Hall at Get Paid to Write Online and Jeanne Dininni at Writer’s Notes are among those who thank their commenters. This is a nice gesture, and I want those who take the time to time to comment here to know how much I appreciate them. However, I don’t want to just copy someone else’s good post idea.

Then there are themes and regular features. Joanna Young follows a monthly theme at Confident Writing. Yvonne Russell hosts the Weekend Writers Cafe at Grow Your Writing Business. Mig at Pamil Vision’s eWritings posts on Blogs to Read, a group of blogs related to a specific topic. Laura Spencer at Writing Thoughts features a different blog “Of Note” each week. I don’t think posting a feature on a regular schedule is how I want to blog, though I enjoy all of these as a reader.

I would like to post one series each month. I enjoy focusing on a particular topic – such as self-publishing, POD, news releases, e-books, and others I’ve done in the past – and covering it in more depth over several days. I’d like to know what readers would find interesting. What topics related to writing, editing, and publishing would you like to learn more about?

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