Happy Birthday, Liz and Successful Blog

Today is the second birthday of Liz Strauss’ Successful Blog, and she’s invited every SOB (Successful and Outstanding Blogger) she has named in the last two years to her party. That’s 646 bloggers … and I’m proud to be one of them.

Happy birthday, Liz. Thank you for your inspiration, your wisdom, your caring. Thank you for blogging with soul. You make us believe: We can change the world — just like that.

Liz has made such a positive impact on the blogosphere, it’s hard to believe Successful Blog is only two years old. Imagine how much she will accomplish in the coming years.

In her usual generous way, Liz has asked that her “gifts” be links to great posts, free e-books, and words of wisdom. Stop by the party, congratulate Liz, and pick up your gifts. Be prepared for a long visit – there’s a lot going on!

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