My Top Picks in the Tips & Tricks Group Writing Project

The list of entries – all 122 of them! – in the Tips & Tricks Group Writing Project is posted at Daily Blog Tips.

Now it’s time to post my list of favorite entries – and what a challenge that is! The contest drew so many excellent entries that I had to figure out a way to determine my favorites.

The criterion I chose was simply this: did I learn something that I will put into use? That means I chose posts that filled gap in my knowledge. You may have other favorites, depending on what you find most useful.

The posts are listed in the order in which they appear on the master list.

Tips on Gaining Page Views and Returning Visitors Using Post Series by Sarah caught my interest because I like to write series – I was delighted to learn about a plug-in to manage series posts.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Homepage by Nathan made me aware of the importance of using the right header tags – I made a note to check mine.

10 Simple Ways to Show Reader Appreciation by Ronald introduced me to a plugin to let commenters edit their own comments.

A Microsoft Word Resume Tip That You’ve Never Heard by Jacob – Although I was aware of Document Properties and am always careful to put the client’s name rather than my own when I create resumes for clients, I needed to be reminded to check the properties when I edit a resume for a client.

5 Tips for Crafting Effective Criticism by Annie reassured me it’s okay to involve emotions when I write a book review.

If you haven’t checked out the entries, I recommend you do so. You don’t have to do like me and read (or at least skim) every entry (except a couple that weren’t available when I tried to access them). Read the posts submitted in the categories that interest you the most. I’ll be willing to bet you’ll learn something.

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