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If you’re a writer – or a reader who likes to keep up with writers – you probably like to read writing and writers’ blogs.

The Big List of Writing Blogs has a list of blogs broken down into three categories: Blogs for Writers, Writers’ Blogs, and Blogs on Blogging. Although many of my favorites are on this list, there are a few I don’t see. And, of course, there are many new ones that I’m checking out. A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye is listed under Writers’ Blogs.

Misti Sandefur has posted a shorter list of her favorite writing and writers’ blogs, “some great blogs,” in her words, at Life of a Writer. I’m honored that A Writer’s Words, An Editor’s Eye is on this list that includes some of my favorites.

Dana Prince listed Some Fave Writing Spots, a short list of five blogs and sites for writers.

I read a lot of writers and writing blogs. Here are a few of my favorites.

A Writer’s Edge, “a writer’s journal … with a techie touch” from Georganna Hancock (listed in the Big List under Blogs for Writers)

All Freelance Writing, “your freelance writing resource” from Jennifer Mattern (creator of the Big List, listed under Blogs for Writers and one of Misti’s favorites)

ChrisBlogging, “freelance writing, blogging for cash and more” from freelancer Chris Bibey

Confident Writing, “because our words count” from writing coach Joanna Young

Crayon Writer, “freelance copywriting from the perspective of …” freelancer Theda K.

Drawing on Words, from writer Tammi Reynolds and her Monday Muse (on the Big List under Writers’ Blogs)

Freelance Folder, “the place for freelancers, entrepreneurs and work at home folks,” a multi-authored blog

Getting It Write for You, “a blog of encouragement, learning, and inspiration …” from writer Lisa Vella

Grow Your Writing Business, “for freelance writers who mean business,” from freelancer Yvonne Russell (on the Big List under Blogs for Writers)

How to Start a Successful Freelance Career, “… starting and maintaining a successful freelance career …” from Yuwanda Black and Inkwell Editorial

Life of a Writer, “rambles about … life as a writer” from Misti Sandefur (on the Big List under Writers’ Blogs)

Middle Zone Musings, home of the “What I Learned …” group writing projects by Robert Hruzek

Mrs. Write Right, “word therapist (aka writer-editor)” from freelance writer/editor Julia Temlyn (one of Misti’s favorites)

Straight from Hel, “Ideas may be heaven-sent, but these words come straight from Hel,” writer Helen Ginger, that is

The Article Writer, writing and blogging news and advice from writer Matt Keegan (on the Big List under Blogs for Writers)

The Writer’s Blog by Dana Prince, “… for writers and those who dream of writing for a living from a working freelance writer”

Word Sell, Inc., “It’s all about ACTION,” from marketer Brad Shorr

Words on a Page, “advice and ramblings on the writing life” from freelancer Lori Widmer

Writer’s Notes, information and resources for writers from Jeanne Dininni (on the Big List under Blogs for Writers)

WritingThoughts, “thoughts and experiences” of freelance writer Laura Spencer (on the Big List under Writers’ Blogs)

I read a lot more blogs than this, and it was hard to cut off the list. Check out my blogroll for more great reading (not all writing-related).

If you have a blog for writers or about writing and you aren’t listed, tell us about your blog in a comment. Share other great blogs that you read and enjoy as well.

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