Randa Clay’s Pimp My Blog Contest

I first heard of Randa Clay when she created the badges for I Follow. I followed a link from another blog, got my badge, subscribed to her blog, and have been enjoying it ever since. Now she’s running a contest, and two lucky winners will receive prizes: 1) a custom blog logo and custom header and 2) a free blog review on Randa’s site.

You can enter the contest in several ways: writing about the contest (3 entries), adding Randa Clay Designs to your blogroll (2 entries), and subscribing to her feed (1 entry). But you must e-mail Randa and let her know all the ways you’re entering by midnight tomorrow night (August 24th). Read all the details at Pimp My Blog Contest- Win a Free Blog Header/Logo Design.

Wouldn’t it be something if I won a custom header after I’ve finally found a theme I like? 🙂

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