Call me an old fuddy-duddy …

I have been planning for some time to change the theme on my blog. After all, I’ve used the default theme for over a year – it must be time to be a little more creative.

I spent last week reformatting my hard drive, upgrading my computer and many of my programs, and restoring all the data. While that was tedious and time-consuming, with the help of the great tech support at Dell, all went smoothly.

Then I got to the blog … and ran into problems. Although other people said it look fine in their browser, it looked awful on all three of our computers. The sidebar overlapped the text, and the sidebar was ugly.

I spent lots of time spent getting advice from my Web host, searching the forums and documentation at WordPress, and getting a little help from my friends. Thanks for everyone who gave me advice and encouragement!

Finally, I decided to install the new theme, thinking maybe the problem was the theme. I tried half a dozen themes, all of which I thought I liked until I actually installed them. I didn’t like any of them as well as old default theme, but I wanted it look like it had before I upgraded.

As I was going back and forth between themes, I couldn’t get widgets to work in a three-column theme I tried, so I went back to the default sidebar. I still wasn’t happy so I decided to go back to the original theme.

Voila! With the default sidebar instead of the widgetized sidebar, my blog looked just fine. So I went back to the old-fashioned way of editing the theme to modify the sidebar.

I am adding some new plug-ins … but guess I’ll stick with my old look. I haven’t changed my hairstyle in a zillion years, either, so I guess I’m just an ole stick-in-the-mud. 🙂

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