Freelance writing job sites

As I mentioned in the last post, I recently answered a writer’s question about finding writing jobs.

I thought you might like to see the list of sites I sent her.

Here are some places to look for writing jobs and freelance projects: (You can also search other cities for telecommute opportunities) (This includes links to a number of other writing job sites)

Note this list does not include any of the freelance market sites that require a membership fee and/or solicit bids from freelancers for posted projects. I have not had success with these sites too often the individuals and companies seeking freelancers look only at the cost without considering the experience of the bidder. And there are plenty of writers who will work for very low rates.

My goals are to keep my fees affordable for the client, to deliver more than is expected, and to make my living as a freelancer. I haven’t had to search for work for several years. My clients come to me from referrals, search engines, and trade exchanges.

Currently, I’m working with five authors on book projects, creating all the content for a gift shop’s e-commerce site, and editing an academic paper as well as ongoing work with my regular business clients. I have two people who have contacted me about editing books when my workload permits.

But when I began my freelance career, I had a lot more time and a lot less work. In the early stages of a career, using sites such as those listed above can help a freelancer build a portfolio.

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