Freelance Variety

One of the things I like best about being a freelance writer is the variety of projects that come across my desk (or more accurately … across my computer screen).

These are a few of the assignments I’m working on now or have completed recently:

– compiling a book that will be part autobiography and part poetry written by the author’s grandmother and transcribed from her personal diary

 – writing a letter for a business to notify the customers of a name change

– researching background information to help a client create an educational association; then I will write copy and develop a Web site and informational brochures

– editing and formatting a doctoral dissertation

– revising a seminary thesis from an academic document to a book that will be readable and enjoyable for the target audience

– editing a resume and writing cover letters for an executive in his job search

– ghostwriting a feature article for a businessperson to be published in a business newspaper

– continuing to maintain and update the Web sites for  Westward Sagas, Richard Turner, GASLight Publishing, AZ Commercial Property, and All Saints Anglican Church (this one is not a client but a labor of love) as well as my own Web site and the personal Web page of my husband Jack Ammann.

Some writers specialize in certain types of writing or editing, but I enjoy doing many different things. Since I was in business for nearly 20 years, I have a lot of experience that is helpful to business clients, and I enjoy using my knowledge. But I also really love to take a manuscript – whether it’s a novel, an academic paper, or a nonfiction article – and help the author make it the best it can be.

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